Setting Location Rooms in the SMS

Setting Location Rooms in the SMS


In this tutorial, we will show users how to add and set a location room for your training deliveries. This feature allows training organisations to better manage and organise their training schedule and rooms within a delivery location. This feature is extremely useful, especially when there are multiple training rooms in one training delivery location. 

A Training Location must be set up prior to adding location rooms. See Related Tutorial: Adding a Training Location in the SMS

Step Tutorial

1. From the SMS Settings, go to Locations

2. Click Action of the specific training location and click Add Room.

3. Enter the Location Room Name. This is a mandatory field.
4. Enter the Room Capacity.This is a mandatory field.
5. Click Save to add this location room. 

In Schedules, when plotting an event, select the Training Location from the drop-down menu. 

For Training Locations that have location rooms, the Location Room drop-down field will be available. Select the location Room that you would like to use.

  1. If a room has been associated to a Schedule, deleting the Room in Settings > Locations will not be allowed. 

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